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Send me your submission! =)
Send me your submission! =)
heysues: I love all your red heads :)

Hahahha thank you <3

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Hana Rudez
chrystasrose: I'm happy about your decision for no nudes. Nudes are everywhere, but blogs with clothed beauty is hard to find.

Aww I’m glad, thank you so much for saying that Chrysta!

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jirachi1971: I can respect the "no more nudes" policy. These women are beautiful to view and you can find redhead nudes elsewhere, but what prompted the change?

Hi! :) Actually in the archive of this blog have only some nudes (about 7 pictures or even less, idk), so, once I posted them some people started to criticize the photos. I won’t post it anymore because I don’t want to, that’s simple. I think it’s not necessary to show naked bodies to show people the real redhead beauty. If they want to see nudes, go to other blogs which post it. But won’t be mine.

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